Hybrid Connected Warehouses: IoT-based solutions to connect and localise goods, devices and people

Speaker: Jeroen Hoebeke, Professor

Company/ Institute: IDLab, Ghent University & imec

Event: 23rd workshop

Date: 19 June 2017


Today, a majority of warehouses are not yet taking advantage of increased automated handling based on connected transport systems, tagged goods, tagged trolleys, connected workers, etc. The imec HYCOWARE project investigates novel, plug-and-produce wirelessly connected product offerings for people, goods and machines, aiming to create IoT readiness for industrial warehouses. During this talk, we will first briefly introduce the project and its ambitions. Next, we will zoom in on some of the research outcomes, including the performance of indoor localization solutions, deterministic communication in the presence of mobility as well as interoperability between different systems.

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