Guided commissioning of wireless networks using a mobile device

Speaker: Geoffrey Ottoy, Postdoctoral Researcher

Company/ Institute: KU Leuven

Event: 22nd workshop

Date: 6 December 2016


With the rise of wireless networks, commissioning them is becoming an increasingly common and complex problem. The LoCo TETRA project tackles these problems to reduce the cost and time it takes to install a wireless network.

At this Wireless Community event, we showcase a system where the network is created automatically negating the need to manually pair and connect new devices.

After the network has been created, a smartphone with an app is used to configure all devices. This eliminates the need for complex commissioning software and hardware tools. The smartphone receives a list of all the devices that have applied to the network. Once the list has been received, the smartphone does a lot of the heavy lifting in processing this information and suggests possible configurations for the network. The installer only has to check the suggestion and confirm.

Slides: available after the workshop (Community members only, login required)