Deploying IoT in licensed spectrum

Speaker: Rajiv Seesurn, Director of Innovation Center

Company/ Institute: Telenet

Event: 24th workshop

Date: 7 December 2017


  • Introduction to Cellular Nb-Iot Market
    • Use cases
    • State of industry
    • Prospects
  • Technology usage comparison
    • LoRa/Cat M1/Cat NB1: bandwidth, path loss, throughput and modulation
    • Energy vs payload comparison NB-IoT vs eMTC
    • Physical layer description of NB standalone and in-band
    • Coverage simulation example of NB-IoT in Antwerp
  • Telenet Innovation Centre
    • Vision/Mission/Resource
    • imec/Telenet collaboration: focus areas
    • Future technologies: Pre-5G trial video

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