An international view on the ecosystem and IOT use cases powered by LoRa

Speaker: Bram Senave

Bram Senave is more than 10 years active in the electronics market from semiconductors to embedded and wireless technologies.

He specialises in the wirelless market from a technical point as well from a business point of view.

Company/ Institute: Actility

Event: 21st work meeting

Date: 27 April 2016


Acility is a leader in LoRa Network Technology, partnering with Operators and Utilities to facilitate new business models in a connected world (IoT infrastructure and Smart Grid applications). Actility ThingPark™ is a complete IoT solution, combining LPWA networking, an IoT data management platform, and an extensive ecosystem of fully interoperable devices and applications.

Actility is one of the founders of the LoRa alliance which was launched in 2015, in order to drive the success and guarantee the adoption of the LoRaWAN protocol. The LoRa alliance has more than 200 members in the meanwhile. This ecosystem will enable product availability, and will ensure interoperability through the LoRaWAN™ Certification Program.

The applications where LoRa is applicable are endless, but the main applications driving the current network deployments are in intelligent building, Smart Metering, Smart City, logistics & supply chain, Smart industries & factories, wearables and agriculture.

Our vision on IoT will be shared:

  • Status and role of the lora-alliance after one year
  • the ecosystem and the business model behind it
  • the LoRa ongoing projects.

Slides: click here to download part1 and part2 of the slides (Community members only, login required