14th work meeting – Remote Sensing Technologies

imec, 10 December 2013 Wireless technologies for remote sensinggaming – automotive – food – robotics – medical – industrial  Wireless technology is capable of much more than communication of data. Intelligent measurement and processing of the characteristics of reflected or transmitted EM waves allow us e.g. measuring the position and speed of cars (radar), interpreting […]

13th work meeting – final event SymbioNets project

iMinds, 15 October 2013 You are cordially invited to attend the final event of the IWT SymbioNets project on Tuesday 15 October at 13h30 at iMinds – Ghent. This event will also serve as our 13th Wireless Community work meeting.. The main focus of the SymbioNets project was the development of networking solutions and service enablers to support advanced […]

12th work meeting

imec, 5 February 2013 The Wireless Community members will organise their 12th work meeting on Tuesday February 5th, 13h00 – 17h30 at imec, Leuven Registration Confirm your attendance by e-mail to: registration@wireless-community.be Location Imec – Kapeldreef 75, Leuven Preliminary programme 13:00 Registration Welcome/Coffee 13:30 Introduction Kris Hermus, Coordinator Wireless Community, imec 13:45 The WHIPP tool: […]