INTER-IoT: Interoperability for heterogeneous IoT platforms

Speaker: Roel Vossen, Sr. Project Manager & System Architect Roel Vossen combines for over 10 years, 2 challenging skills: project management & system architecture for high end customers in the semicon, medical, automotive & military industries from the very first idea till a mature product, ready for series production. Company/ Institute: NEWAYS Event: 25th workshop […]

An integrated design strategy for smart products in mobile applications

Speaker: Steven Verstockt, Professor Company/ Institute: UGent Event: 25th workshop Date: 6 February 2018 Abstract: This talk discusses some smart and mobile IoT demonstrators developed for Health & Wellbeing applications and services. These were created based on integral design processes and prototyping. Slides: Click here to download the slides (Community members only, login required)

Building dynamic IoT ecosystems

Speaker: Michiel Willocx, researcher Company/ Institute: KU Leuven Event: 25th workshop Date: 6 February 2018 Abstract: Michiel presents an application-centric software architecture for the development of IoT applications. The architecture comprises software abstractions and guidelines for tackling typical challenges in IoT ecosystems such as interoperability and context-based loading of IoT devices. The architecture further focuses […]

Campus monitoring system featuring different radio and communication technologies integrated into the OneM2M framework

Speaker: An Braeken & Kris Steenhaut, Professor Company/ Institute: VUB Event: 25th workshop Date: 6 February 2018 Abstract: The service-oriented approach driven by the oneM2M standardization body striving towards well defined services (nature, format, even semantics), allows to develop horizontal applications that ask services from the available vertical IoT stacks. In this talk we present […]

LPWA approaches side by side, technology insights and ecosystem developments

Speaker: Matteo Gatta, Director Technology Strategy & Innovation Company/ Institute: Proximus Event: 24th workshop Date: 7 December 2017 Abstract: LPWAs, fragmentation in the age of IoT explorations Mapping of LPWA networks against technology requirements We are preparing for NB-IoT Rationale for LoRa and key technological aspects Concrete IoT use cases How businesses can capture IoT […]

Deploying IoT in licensed spectrum

Speaker: Rajiv Seesurn, Director of Innovation Center Company/ Institute: Telenet Event: 24th workshop Date: 7 December 2017 Abstract: Introduction to Cellular Nb-Iot Market Use cases State of industry Prospects Technology usage comparison LoRa/Cat M1/Cat NB1: bandwidth, path loss, throughput and modulation Energy vs payload comparison NB-IoT vs eMTC Physical layer description of NB standalone and […]

Enabling Company & LoRa

Speaker: Frederic Mottiat, Enterprise Strategy Manager Company/ Institute: Proximus Event: 24th workshop Date: 7 December 2017 Abstract: Proximus EnCo makes data and micro-services from Proximus and third parties available to developers, independent software suppliers and businesses to stimulate the development of digital innovations. As all functionalities are exposed thru API’s, the EnCo platform allows for […]