Lemon Companies

We offer a wide range of IT services. User experiences and user interfaces (UX/UI), smart websites, dynamic software and Internet of Things platforms. Moreover, we always look out for creative & innovative ideas we can support and help launch. Website: www.lemon.be


Enervalis is the editor of the Smartpower Suite®. The Smartpower Suite® not only monitors all available energy sources such as solar, wind or energy storage (batteries), sensors through IOT and demand side resources such as HVAC, Electric Vehicles et. With the Smartpower Suite® we Forecast supply and demand and it’s flexibility, making use of weather forecasts, user inputs, historical […]


Screvle designs and manufactures custom electronics for companies that offer connected solutions in a B2B market. Customers are active in different domains like manufacturing, logistics, smart city applications, and many more. Website: www.screvle.com