Deploying IoT in licensed spectrum

Speaker: Rajiv Seesurn, Director of Innovation Center Company/ Institute: Telenet Event: 24th workshop Date: 7 December 2017 Abstract: Introduction to Cellular Nb-Iot Market Use cases State of industry Prospects Technology usage comparison LoRa/Cat M1/Cat NB1: bandwidth, path loss, throughput and modulation Energy vs payload comparison NB-IoT vs eMTC Physical layer description of NB standalone and […]

Enabling Company & LoRa

Speaker: Frederic Mottiat, Enterprise Strategy Manager Company/ Institute: Proximus Event: 24th workshop Date: 7 December 2017 Abstract: Proximus EnCo makes data and micro-services from Proximus and third parties available to developers, independent software suppliers and businesses to stimulate the development of digital innovations. As all functionalities are exposed thru API’s, the EnCo platform allows for […]

Unraveling Cellular IoT: from Theory to Practice

Speaker: Jeroen Famaey, Professor Company/ Institute: imec & Universiteit Antwerpen Event: 24th workshop Date: 7 December 2017 Abstract: We will give a comprehensive overview of cellular communication technologies for IoT, including theoretical overview of functional specs, such as data rate, coverage, energy consumption, mobility, network-based localisation comparison with  LPWAN networks such as LoRa and SigFox […]

Accurate wireless localization for secure and easy access to buildings, services, and information

Speaker: Guido Dolmans, Chief Scientist, imec-NL @ Holst Centre & Professor TU Eindhoven Company/ Institute: imec Event: 24th workshop Date: 7 December 2017 Abstract: Already modern cars will unlock their doors or trunk by just being in close proximity with your wireless key. But these traditional (yet new!) systems can be fooled to allow fraudulent […]

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