Design of Wireless Power Applications with Moving Receivers

Speaker: Nobby Stevens and Bart Thoen Company/ Institute: KU Leuven – KAHo Sint-Lieven Event: 16th work meeting Date: 16 October Abstract: Wireless power systems based on inductive coupling gained significance over the past years. As a consequence, standards and regulations were developed, such as the Qi-standard of the wireless power consortium and Rezence from the alliance […]

Introduction 16th Work Meeting (and pitches by AboveRF, Quicksand, and snapTonic)

Speaker: Kris Hermus Company/ Institute: imec Event: 16th work meeting Date: 16 October 2014 Abstract: In this short introduction we give a status update of the Wireless Community, and we invite three of our newest members –  AboveRF, Quicksand and snapTonic – to pitch their expertise in wireless technology. Slides: click here to download the intro slides (Community […]

Electronic beam steering arrays: a reality at ESAT-TELEMIC

Speaker: Hantao Xu (promotor: Prof. Guy Vandenbosch) Company/ Institute: KU Leuven – ESAT Event: 16th work meeting Date: 16 October Abstract: For decades scientists and engineers have been performing abundant research on multiple antenna systems. In many modern wireless systems, multiple antenna technology is proposed to improve system performance, for example involving coverage and capacity. However, […]

ChipDesign’s Tunable Antenna for Mobile Devices

Speaker: Laurena Lau, Transceive, NL (presenter), Sander Bronckers, TU/e, NL (presenter) and Koen Van Caekenberghe, ChipDesign, BE Company/ Institute: ChipDesign Event: 16th work meeting Date: 16 October Abstract: The design of antennas for mobile devices is becoming increasingly challenging. New wireless standards, touting enhanced throughput, require both the coverage of more frequency bands per antenna (to […]

A distributed body-worn textile-antenna wireless sensor network

Speaker: Hendrik Rogier and Patrick Van Torre Company/ Institute: UGent Event: 16th work meeting Date: 16 October Abstract: A distributed on-body network, incorporating multiple autonomous wireless sensor nodes was designed and implemented. The sensor nodes are integrated onto a dual-polarized textile antenna platform and allow polarization diversity by means of selection combining. Synchronous data acquisition is […]

16th Work Meeting – Antennas

Imec, 16 October 2014 Antennas for low-power electronic (sensor) systems This workshop will give you insight in the importance of properly designed and  integrated antennas for low-power wireless (sensor) systems. Join us and receive practical tips and tricks to optimise the communication range of your wireless product! The workshop includes both oral presentations and demos, […]

Practical use of RF power transfer over larger distances

Speaker: Huib Visser Company/ Institute: Holst Centre Event: 16th work meeting Date: 16 October Abstract: While RF power transfer over short distances (millimeters) is being introduced now commercially for charging mobile devices, RF power transfer over distances of several meters is still an active research topic. Wirelessly transferring power over such distances opens up the road […]